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曾夫人一句解特码 www.brdoy.icu Weihai Sunfull Shennong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. belong to Weihai Sunfull Science and Technology Development Group. It is located in Shengzigou, Qiaotou Town, Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was founded in June 2004 and covers an area of more than 2000 mu. Up to now, more than 30 million Yuan has been invested, making the original barren hills with no trees and no water to form the ecological park now full of green seedlings and complete channels and roads. In the future Sunfull Shennong will combine agricultural and forestry production with park management activities improves various supporting facilities, introduce high-tech agricultural technology and take the road of modern scientific and technological agriculture development. At the same time, according the actual situation of the ECO-park, According to the actual situation of the eco-park, the four major sections of wedding folk culture, fruit picking, garden flowers, leisure and recreation are emphatically excavated and developed. We will build Shengzigou, a land that full of local cultural resources into a suburban tourism, sightseeing and leisure complex that set for wedding, honeymoon tourism, ecological tourism, agricultural experience, and folk exploration in one.

1. Wedding and blessing cultural theme park

Making use of the original buddhist ruins of the shuangsikuang temple tower, and combining with the legends and cultural deposits of the Shengzigou. At the same time, in order to meet the modern people's pursuit of Western wedding ceremony, the auditorium can be transformed into a Western-style church, catering to the modern wedding form. In addition, the park will increase couple sightseeing projects: exquisite open-type sightseeing car, romantic couple bicycle, Suit the needs of different people, you can enjoy the idyllic scenery; open a folk shop: display a variety of local characteristics of folk products, prayers, Chinese and Western wedding supplies to meet the needs of different tourists. Open ecological restaurant: all-weather, all-round three-dimensional green ecological space, whether holding wedding banquets or group meals, to achieve a real embrace of the natural ecological feeling. Consequently, the ecological park will eventually be built into a wedding prayer cultural theme park.

2. Eco-picking Theme Park

Making full use of the sandy soil, sunshine and high sugar content of fruits in the ecological garden, planting economic fruits and seasonal vegetables such as plums, apricots, persimmons, strawberries, raspberries, hawthorns, to provide tourists with high-quality fruits and original ecological vegetables, so that tourists can personally experience the joy of picking melons, fruits and vegetables, thus making the ecological garden an ecological picking theme park.

3. Flower Garden Theme Park

Nowadays, the sightseeing economy based on flower garden has become the development trend of modern agriculture. Therefore, we will follow the pace of the times to build theme gardens of flowers and plants, and build aromatherapy gardens and Botanical Gardens of flowers and plants: according to seasonal changes, we will plant a variety of flowers and plants on a large scale, including romantic and charming lavender, gorgeous Persian chrysanthemum, beautiful peach flowers and other colorful vanilla and precious flowers to create a sea of flowers; at the same time, we will collect and plant all kinds of landscape seedlings from the north and the south to fight against them. Build botanical gardens with complete varieties, and then build Shennong Eco-Garden into back gardens and botanical gardens in the eastern coastal area. Let visitors relax, get close to nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery, at the same time, broaden their horizons and learn more about garden flowers.

4. Leisure and Entertainment Theme Park

Make full use of the natural environment advantages of the ecological park to create leisure and entertainment theme park. Open up ecological fishing zone: use the existing pond reservoir in the park to breed all kinds of fish to attract tourists to the park for fishing; Open up kite paradise: meet the needs of tourists (especially parents and children families) to use kite flying to close contact with blue sky, white clouds, green trees and grasslands, create a healthy and happy world; Open up golf course: provide a training ball skills for urban white-collar workers. Reduce the pressure of daily work, get close contact with nature and enjoy the chance of good amateur life; Open up ski resort: use the available grassland resources of ecological park to trim, ski in summer, ski in winter to meet the needs of different tourists; Open up green self-cultivated land: provide land for tourists, and provide professional technical guidance, so that tourists can learn the same farming knowledge. When it comes to farming and harvesting, we should experience the pleasure of cultivating and harvesting, and open up potential training areas: let tourists play to their unlimited potential, compete with sweat, intelligence and vitality, and experience the stimulation and pleasure of potential activities.

For this reason, the ecological park will focus on the development and excavation of the above four major plates, and continue to use existing resources to open up new business ideas. To realize the integration and matching of landscape, flower and fruit forests and food, shelter, recreation and shopping in Sunfull Shennong Eco-Park, and gradually build the Eco-Park into a unique folk culture park, ecological harvesting garden, flower botanical garden and sightseeing amusement park in the eastern coastal area of Weihai, so as to realize the effective unity of ecological, economic and social benefits, and ultimately to form a tourism with a certain regional influence above 4A level scenic spot.

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